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Wildcard SSL Certificate - 1 year

The Wildcard SSL Certificate secures a domain and all of its sub-domains on an unlimited number of servers, allowing you to future-proof the addition of additional sub-domains while streamlining management and flexibility for system administrators.

For example, a Wildcard Certificate would secure * and all Subject Alternative Names of *, such as, and so on.

  • Certificate Discovery
    Never be surprised by a certificate expiry again. Locate all your certificates — internal or externally facing — and manage them with email notifications and policy comparisons. LAWtrust Discovery & Intelligence streamlines this process with an automated tool that finds, inventories and manages digital certificates across diverse systems to prevent outages, data breach and noncompliance.
  • Easy Lifecycle Management & Reporting
    LAWtrust provides simple tools to manage every step of the certificate lifecycle — creation, re-issuances, revocation and renewal. For organisations who require deeper analysis of their certificate environment, LAWtrust’s comprehensive reporting tools offer deep metrics, data exports, custom filters and more 
  • Multi-Domain Certificate Support
    Secure up to 150 different domains or IP addresses with a single certificate. Domains are pre-approved for immediate issuance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • SSL Install Check
    LAWtrust provides tools which automatically verify SSL certificates to ensure they are properly installed and publicly trusted. Simply key in your fully qualified domain name into the SSL Install Check tool to validate your SSL certificate installation, confirm your IP address and server type, and it will tell you if all chain certificates have been installed correctly. If any of the certificates are missing, the tool will provide instructions to fix the problem.
  • Easy, Delegated Administration
    Enroll once and request multiple digital certificates from a single intuitive, web-based system without any software downloads or installations. Delegate administration of certificate groups to subordinate administrators to manage certificate activity for their groups. Rather than have certificates expire all at once, or in a haphazard manner, LAWtrust leverages Entrust SSL Management Services which allows you to choose certificate expiry dates to plan renewal activities around resource availability or peak load periods.
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