In-house PKI

If you decide to take your PKI solutions in-house, LAWtrust can help you to capitalise on your investment.

We use the publicly trusted Entrust root certificate for PKI deployments and we provide advice on complete PKI solution strategies, ensuring that deployments are successfully integrated for overall solution reliability, security and effectiveness.

LAWtrust is a successful and experienced certificate authority (CA) and security integrator in South Africa, with the following advantages:

  • Experienced in providing PKI solutions for government and the financial sector
  • Depth in skills across all disciplines, including system analysis, integration, development, practices and policies, engineering and support
  • Specific legal expertise in the area of electronic evidence and digital signatures, as described in the ECT Act of 2002
  • Practical operational experience of running a PKI as a commercial certificate authority, for more than 15 years
  • LAWtrust is the only CA in Africa to be included in the Adobe Approved Trust List as a trusted certificate authority
  • LAWtrust was the first CA in Africa to be audited and certified by WebTrust as a trustworthy public CA
  • LAWtrust was the first CA to be accredited for advanced electronic signatures by the Department of Communications, under the ECT Act of 2002

LAWtrust also offers a comprehensive training course that provides delegates with a complete understanding of all facets of PKI deployment.

LAWtrust's PKI offerings

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a two-key, asymmetric cryptosystem that affords different IT systems high-level information confidentiality and confidence.