Conclusion and Summary of Cybersecurity Month 2020

Nov 3, 2020, 11:53 AM by Rian Schoeman

During the month of October, LAWtrust shared the 8 POPIA principles with you as part of our contribution towards Cybersecurity awareness month. It was a great month and our posts really received a lot of attention and views. We shared a lot of practical tips and busted some myths related to POPIA and we would really encourage you to read our posts if you have not read them all. They are all available on our blog on this link

You may also have missed out on the quizzes so we are also giving you the opportunity to complete them until the end of this week. Below are the links to the quizzes

Quiz 1 -

Quiz 2 -

Quiz 3 -

Quiz 4 -

If you complete all 4 quizzes you are in line to win a full one-year subscription of our digital signature tool, called SigningHub and let’s face it, in this new world of isolation, this is a very handy tool to have. You can read more about SigningHub here

We have 3 SigningHub subscriptions to give away and winners will be selected randomly (it is not about how well you did in each quiz, but about completing all 4).

So, go ahead, read our posts and do the quizzes. Winners will be announced next week.

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