Why is PKI important?

Dec 2, 2020, 14:35 PM by Riaan De Villiers
The first article in the series of articles about the importance of public key infrastructure (also known as public key cryptography).

Why is PKI important?

Why is public key cryptography important?
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During December, LAWtrust will post a series of articles discussing the importance of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and the protection that it offers to organisations. Today is the first article in the series.

It is estimated that nearly half of the human population are Internet users1. For cybercriminals that is a lot of potential targets. Similar to street crime that rises with population growth, cybercrime is growing as the number of Internet users are growing. Security systems and protecting yourself and your organization against cybercrime is becoming more important then ever.

The core of most security systems is authentication and access control2. Public key infrastructure (PKI) can provide significant help to organisations to authenticate users and regulate access. When implemented correctly, PKI is a powerful system that can help keep your organization safe. So, what is PKI and why is it so important?

SSL certificates.

PKI is used to identify people and machines. Each entity is issued with a set of keys – a public and a private key. The private key is kept secret, but the public key can be shared with any other entity that needs it. Public keys are normally distributed in the form of a digital certificate.

Digital certificate with public key.
Example of a digital certificate with a public key.

Using their PKI keys, entities can be securely authenticate to networks, log into systems, encrypt data, digitally sign documents, etc.

With the rise of cloud computing, virtualisation, outsourcing, digital transformation etc. the need for trusted identities are becoming more and more critical.

Any organisation that cares about data integrity and who has access to their data can benefit from PKI.

To find out more about PKI and how it can help you secure your organisation, do not hesitate to contact LAWtrust

For more information, you can learn more about PKI on the LAWtrust website.



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