[Infographic] 5 Steps to manage TLS certificates

Feb 12, 2021, 12:45 PM by Riaan De Villiers
5 tips to start your organisation's journey to implement a robust certificate management process.

5 Steps to manage TLS certificates

The theme of the week is TLS certificate management and the importance of a good certificate management process.

Steps to manage certificates.

To get you started, here is 5 steps to start implementing a good robust certificate management process.

Step 1 - Scan

To start your certificate management process, you must know where your TLS certificates are located. A universal certificate discovery tool will help you map your network.

Step 2 - Consolidation

As organisations migrate to the cloud, the need for TLS certificates have increased. Certificates can be obtained from multiple vendors, so consolidate all your certificates under one central management system.

Step 3 - Build

Build your organisation-wide certificate management process by defining clearly who is responsible, accountable and authorised to act on behalf of the organisation.

Workflows should be designed to streamline the management process and prevent bottlenecks.

Step 4 - Be Alert

Certificate issues should be reported in real-time based on current information so that issues with certificates can be handled before a service disruption takes place.

Step 5 - Revoke and replace

A centralised certificate management tool will help administration staff to revoke and renew certificate timeously. The tool will also help to replace the certificates that are inline with the organisation's certificate management policy.

Now that you have a certificate management process in place, it is important to monitor your system diligently to prevent rogue certificates from entering the environment or expired certificates from causing service disruptions.

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