[Infographic] Quantum computing: How to prepare!

Mar 5, 2021, 14:25 PM by Riaan De Villiers
We do not know when quantum computing is coming but it is not too late to start preparing your organisation to be more crypto-agile.

3 Questions to ask about quantum computing.

The next disruptive technology to be on the lookout for is quantum computing, which could be a threat to existing cryptography.  Experts are not exactly sure about the timeline of when computer processing will be reduced from years to hours or even minutes.

But all is not lost, your organisation can start preparing for the post-quantum world. How do you prepare for quantum computing?

Start the conversation early with your vendors

Ask your third-party platform providers how they are planning to replace cryptographic algorithms and make their systems more crypto-agile.

Promote quantum computing knowledge in your organization

Knowledge is power, you should ensure that you educate your employees about quantum computing and promote quantum literacy within your organization.  

Prepare a cryptographic inventory

A cryptographic inventory enables an organization to effectively enforce a secure cryptographic policy across an organization's IT infrastructure. Understanding which algorithms are in use and in which system is important. Knowing which algorithms are vulnerable will assist with the migration process.