[Infographic] Crypto Center of Excellence

Mar 19, 2021, 08:59 AM by Riaan De Villiers
A Crypto Center of Excellence is an important organisational function that will aid organisations serious about cyber security. The CryptoCoE will guide the organisation in establishing, maintaining and operating a robust PKI solution that is governed by international best practices and is flexible enough to face future challenges.

Crypto Centre of Excellence.

Throughout the years, LAWtrust has deployed many Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions. A critical component that many organisations overlook is the Crypto Center of Excellence.

Establishing a Crypto Center of Excellence (CryptoCoE) is critical for any organisation that is serious about information security. It is the function of the CryptoCoE to guide the organisation's PKI solution and the governance of the PKI solution.

The five building blocks of a CryptoCoE:
  1. Crypto Health Check. Create a cryptographic inventory of the organisation's crypto assets. The asset register will help the organisation maintain a good I.T. security posture.
  2. Crypto Governance Consulting. With the help of a PKI expert, establish a comprehensive governance platform.
  3. PKI Governance Health Check. Compare the organisation's policies and practices against established best practices to ensure that there are no procedural gaps.
  4. PKI System Health Check. Check the current state of the organisation's PKI health and ensure that the organisation can face current and future challenges.
  5.   PKI Governance Consulting. Define documents, policies and procedures to assist the organisation govern their PKI solution according to international best practices.