Worker smarter and faster in SigningHub

May 6, 2021, 10:55 AM by Riaan De Villiers
Do you want to speed up your document sign-off processes? Join us during May as we give you hints and tips to work quicker in SigningHub.

Worker smarter and faster in SigningHub

Working faster with SigningHub.

During the month of May, LAWtrust will run a series of articles on becoming a SigningHub power user. We will provide hints and tips on how to work smarter, faster and save more time while using SigningHub.

SigningHub is the ideal solution for organisations that recognize the value of using digital and Advanced Electronic signatures to digitally sign their important documents with high-trust digital signatures.

The automated signing workflows in SigningHub provides a big speed improvement over paper-based signing processes. However, it is possible to work even faster in SigningHub by using SigningHub templates to speed up the document configuration and sharing process for recurring workflows.

A template remembers the settings (like signers, security settings, text fields, signature block positions, reminders, etc.) that you applied to a document and automatically applies the settings to a new document that you upload, drastically speeding up the document sharing process.

Information about SigningHub  Creating a new template is easy!
For instructions on creating a SigningHub template, please see the article ‘Creating a SigningHub template’ in our LAWtrust ‘How-to’ section.

To assist you to work faster, there are two types of templates:

  • Enterprise templates
  • Private templates

Enterprise templates

Enterprise templates are available to all the SigningHub users on your Enterprise. They are ideal to use for documents that employees of your company have to digitally sign regularly, for example: quotes, leave applications, change requests, etc.

Information about SigningHub Did you know?
You can make templates read-only. SigningHub will allow you to lock templates so that the workflow settings cannot be modified by a user creating a new workflow. This setting will help you enforce business rules on the workflow.

Private templates

You can also maintain a set of personal templates that is only available to you. To manage your personal templates (see screenshot below): 
  1. Click on your profile drop down.
  2. Select My Settings from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Templates from the right-hand menu.

Select workflow template in SigningHub.

From the Templates menu, you can add new templates, edit templates and even clone templates to create a new template based on a previous template.

We all can use some extra time during our busy days – so, work faster and smarter with SigningHub templates.

Join us next week when we will show you how to use delegate signing to ensure that signing workflows are not slowed down while you are not available to sign documents.

If you do not have a SigningHub account yet or would like to find out more about digital signing, please do not hesitate to contact LAWTrust today.