Keep signing workflows running smoothly with delegated signing

May 17, 2021, 10:25 AM by Riaan De Villiers
In today's post we will learn how to keep signing workflows going - even when you are not available to sign.

Keep signing workflows running smoothly with delegated signing

Working faster with SigningHub.

Signing documents is an important element of any organisation. Signing a document shows that the signer agrees with the content of the document and will comply with the duties stipulated in the document.

Many workflows have to follow business rules and are very complicated. SigningHub’s workflow engine helps organisations to quickly sign off documents in complicated workflows. However, sometimes one of the signers might not be available to sign, holding up the process. It is a situation that organisations often encounter, crucial sign-off process are held up by people who are out of office for various reasons.

SigningHub to the rescue!

Should somebody that is part of a sign-off process be away for a while they can configure a delegated signer. Delegate signers are empowered to sign documents on behalf of the SigningHub user that appointed them, ensuring that signing workflows are not unnecessarily delayed.

To configure a delegate is a quick an easy process. The delegate configuration settings can be found under Profile, My Settings.

Select My Settings menu.

Under the Delegated Signing settings, nominate the delegate and select the timeframe for the delegate to stand in for you.

By configuring a delegated signer, you can ensure that important signing processes are never held up during a time that you are not available.

There are many more ways that SigningHub can assist you with your digital sign off processes. So please join us during May as we will share more hints and tips weekly to help you work faster and smarter!