Hints and Tips for Signinghub - blog round up

Jun 9, 2021, 11:39 AM by Riaan De Villiers
Round up of the LAWtrust series of articles on increasing your productivity with SigningHub.

Hints and Tips for Signinghub

Working faster with SigningHub.

During our latest series of blog articles, we provided some hints and tips to work faster and smarter with SigningHub.

Below is a round-up of all the articles in the series.

1. Speed up your workflows by using templates

Using SigningHub templates to speed up the document configuration and sharing process for recurring workflows allows you to work even faster in SigningHub. A template remembers the settings you apply to a document (signers, security settings, text fields, signature block positions, reminders, and so on) and applies them to new documents you upload, greatly speeding up the document sharing process. 

2. Ensure workflows run smoothly while on holiday with signing delegation 

People who are out of the office for various reasons stall critical sign-off processes. If someone involved in the sign-off process is going to be absent for a while, they can designate a delegated signer. Delegate signers have the authority to sign documents on behalf of the SigningHub users who have nominated them, ensuring that signing operations are not slowed down needlessly.

3. Connect your cloud drives to quickly import documents for signing 

Many organizations' digital signing workflows have benefited from SigningHub. It not only allows users to sign documents when away from the office, but it also enables employees to work smarter and finish document sign-off processes more quickly. Users can use SigningHub to digitally sign documents that they store in the cloud. Users will also be able to build an online library of documents that they must sign regularly with SigningHub.

4. SigningHub Provides an efficient, fast and easy way to sign a pile of documents in one go 

Many executives have to sign multiple documents daily, consuming a lot of their valuable time. SigningHub will help reduce the time it takes to sign all the documents with the help of the bulk signing functionality. Load all the documents into SigningHub and then quickly sign them all in one go!

SigningHub has many more productivity functions! Please contact LAWtrust today to find out more about SigningHub’s time-saving functionality.