Advanced Electronic reports for SANAS accredited labs

Jul 13, 2021, 12:34 PM by Riaan De Villiers
SANAS accredited labs can digitally sign reports with Advanced Electronic signatures. Join us as we explore the use of Advanced Electronic signatures to save time and money.

Advanced Electronic reports for SANAS accredited labs

Advanced Electronic Signature.

Test reports, produced by SANAS accredited laboratories, are required to be reviewed and signed by an appropriate qualified person. Some labs issue multiple reports daily. To print all the reports and sign them by hand is a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Fortunately, SANAS allows reports to be digitally signed if the signature is an Advanced Electronic signature. Digitising the signing process makes the sign-off process less cumbersome, saving costs and time.

What is an Advanced Electronic signature?

An Advanced Electronic signature is a digital signature created with a digital certificate from an accredited Authentication Service Provider (such as LAWtrust), following a face-to-face identification process with the user. 

The Advanced Electronic signature will uniquely identify the signer of the document and protect the document against change.

How does Advanced Electronic signatures work?

After the user passes through a face-to-face identity verification process, an Advanced Electronic certificate will be issued to the user by LAWtrust. LAWtrust has various options that will allow users to digitally sign their documents.

What are the benefits of using an Advanced Electronic signature?

Integrating Advanced Electronic signatures into your business processes allow organisations to speed up the signing process and save on paper cost. As an added bonus, the document is timestamped as proof of the time of transaction. Additionally, Public Key Cryptography protects the document against unauthorised changes.

How to obtain an Advanced Electronic certificate?

To obtain an Advanced Electronic certificate, contact LAWtrust today to discuss the various Advanced Electronic signing solutions that we have available and explore which solution would best suit your organisation’s requirements.