World password day

May 6, 2022, 09:47 AM by Riaan De Villiers
World Password Day is a day to remind us to use strong passwords. Weak passwords are the cause of many data breaches. To celebrate World Password Day, we provide you with some password best practices.

World password day

The first Thursday of May is World Password Day. The day is to remind us to use strong passwords or better yet, add an additional factor of authentication.

Weak passwords are a common cause for data breaches. It is therefore important to use good strong passwords to help protect ourselves and our organisations. 

World password day.

To celebrate World Password Day, here is a list of password best practices that will help keep you safe.

Multi-factor authentication

Adding an additional factor of authentication, such as a cryptographic token or mobile phone app, will add another level of protection to your account. If your password is compromised, you will have another layer of defence in place.

Use unique passwords for all accounts

Do not reuse the same password across different accounts! If one account is compromised, the attacker will be able to compromise your other accounts.

Use a passphrase rather than a password

A passphrase is easier to remember and can be much longer than a password.

Use a password manager

A password manager is a great tool to help manage passwords securely. The password manager can help to backup your passwords and synchronize them across various systems.


As always, training, training, training! Employees must be trained to understand your organisation’s password policy and why the password policy is so important. Train them to apply good password hygiene.

Implement these tips in your organisation and stay safe!