What is a Coordinated Universal Time source?

What is Coordinated Universal Time ?

What is a cryptographic hash function?

Explanation of what a cryptographic hash is.

Why is my digital signature not trusted in Adobe Reader?

How to fix digital signature trust errors in Adobe Reader.

What is the difference between an electronic and a digital signature?

How does an electronic signature differ from a digital signature?

How do I get 128 bit or 256 bit / full strength sessions?

If the browser supports 128-bit encryption, then a 128-bit session will be established if your web server supports 128 bit sessions. The same is true for 256-bit encryption.

What size keys does LAWtrust use?

The public key that is created on your server must be a minimum of 2048 bits, depending on your server software.

How are SSL Certificates trusted by the browsers?

LAWtrust SSL Certificates are automatically and transparently trusted by most browsers. This trust is established because Entrust’s Root Certificate has been embedded in most major browsers.

What servers will my LAWtrust SSL Certificate work with?

The LAWtrust SSL Certificates we issue work with all major servers. For a full list take a look at our compatibility page at this link: Digital Certificates – Server Compatibility.

What browsers will my LAWtrust SSL Certificate work with?

The LAWtrust SSL Certificates we issue work with all major browsers.

Do I require the LAWtrust Chain Certificate?

Yes. All certificates with a validity date greater than 31 December 2010 require a chain certificate.All Extended Validation certificates require a chain certificate. Additional information is available here.

Does LAWtrust provide training?

When do I need to renew my LAWtrust SSL Certificate?

LAWtrust recommends starting the renewal process 30 days before the expiration of your current certificate. Your new certificate will be 1, 2 or 3 years (depending on your purchase option) from the expiration date of your current LAWtrust certificate.

Will I receive notification when my LAWtrust SSL Certificate is going to expire?

LAWtrust will notify the authorising contact listed on your SSL Certificate order application one month prior to the expiration date of your SSL Certificate.

What is LAWtrust's vision and mission?

To provide the very best in trusted identity, secure transaction and digital signature solutions, while ensuring that security and efficiency never compromise great user experience.

What are Advanced Electronic Signatures?

An advanced electronic signature is a digital signature created with a digital certificate from an accredited Authentication Service Provider, following a face-to-face identification process with the subscriber.

What is Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)?

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a two-key, asymmetric cryptosystem that affords different IT systems high-level information confidentiality and confidence.