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Microsoft Exchange 2010 - How to generate a CSR

How to generate a CSR on Microsoft Exchange 2010.

How do I generate a CSR on Microsoft Exchange 2010?

Complete the following steps to create your CSR.

1. As administrator, open the Exchange Management Console (Start > Exchange Management Console).


2. Click Manage databases.


3. Once you have your new screen loaded, select Server configuration on the left hand side, then select New Exchange Certificate (under Actions).


4. In the New Exchange Certificate wizard, select a friendly name for your certificate signing request. Click Next.


5. Unless this CSR is for a wildcard certificate, skip the Domain Scope step and click Next.


6. Select the services your Exchange server will be running. This will define your SAN names. 


7. Once completed, this will show your names that will be added to your certificate. If you need to add extra SAN names, click Add.


8. Enter your Organization and Location information in the following screens.


9. Select Browse and save your .req file to your desktop or preferred folder, and enter a file name.


10. Click Save, then click Next.

11. The following screen will provide the Configuration Summary. Review the summary, and then click Next.


12. On the Completion screen, click Finish.


13. You will see your Exchange certificate listed in the bottom pane as shown below.


You have completed your certificate signing request. Use the contents of the CSR file saved in Step 9 to submit your certificate request to Entrust