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Microsoft Exchange 2013 - How to generate a CSR

How to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on Microsoft Exchange 2013.

How do I generate a CSR on Microsoft Exchange 2013?

Complete the following steps to create your CSR.

  1. Launch your Internet Browser and type the address for your Exchange Admin Center. Default address (https://<your  CAS server name> /ecp)

2. Login to your Exchange Admin Center


3. On the left pane, click on Servers and select your proper server name on the drop down list under Select Server on the middle pane then click on the Certificates menu on the top of the screen.

4. Click on the plus sign ( + ) for generating the new CSR. Select create a request for a certificate from a certification authority.


5. For the friendly name, you can put whatever you need as identification for this cert purposes (It will not show up on the certificate).


6. On this screen if you don’t use the wildcard cert then you can leave it unchecked and then click on Next button.


7. On this screen please select to which server you will save the CSR file. Click Browse and select the proper Server.


8. On this screen, you will be presented the services that run on this server with the domain name associated with the services.


9. OPTIONAL: If you want to make a change on the particular domain name, you just need to double click on the service that listed inside the box.


10. On this screen, please type the information regards to your organization.


11. On this screen, you are required to provide a share folder address where the CSR file needs to be saved. Please be noted, you need to create one if it does not exist yet. The folder must have read and write access privileges. Please consult with your network support team inside your organization in order to determine the proper rights and location for this particular share folder.


12. After the CSR successfully generated, the pending request will be appeared on your Exchange server.


13. After the CSR successfully generated, the pending request will be appeared on your Exchange server.


14. If you open the CSR file with notepad, the correct CSR will have tag line of BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST and END CERTIFICATE REQUEST like the sample below: