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Microsoft IIS 8 - SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Instructions

Microsoft IIS 8 - SSL / TLS certificate installation instructions.

How do I install a SSL/TLS certificate on Microsoft IIS 8?

1. Launch the Server Manager
- From within the Server Manager at the top left corner Select: Tools | Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager


2. From the right hand side under "Connections" select the workstations name
- Once the name is selected, look to the center of the screen and locate "Server Certificates" once selected double click


3. Once in the "Server Certificates" to the upper right hand side under "Actions" select: Complete Certificate Request...


4. You will now need to provide the information listed in the screenshot below:


File name containing the certification authority's response: Provide the path to the Server certificate, the default name of the Server certificate file name is "ServerCertificate.crt"
 - PLEASE NOTE: You may need to change the file type view setting at the lower right corner of the browser window to be able to see the ServerCertificate.crt (or other files types besides .crt)


Friendly Name: The friendly name is used as an identifier after the certificate is installed. You should provide a unique Friendly Name so that you can easily identify what the certificate is used for.

Select a certificate store for the new certificate: leave the selection set to Personal

Once you have provided the above information select: OK

The certificate is now installed

Part: 02 of 02
- Bind the certificate to the site

5. From the left hand side of the IIS Manager, under Connections
 - Expand the Server Name
 - Now expand the Sites folder and select the site you wish to bind the certificate to
 - From the right hand side under Actions, Select: Bindings...


6. From the Site Bindings menu Select: Add


7. From the Add Site Binding change the settins listed below:

  - Type: HTTPS
  - SSL Certificate: Select the friendly name of the certificate you wish to bind to the site, you can verify that you have selected the corrrect certificate by clicking on View... 
  - Once you have configured the settings Select: OK


8. Now that the bindings has been updated you need to restart the web site
   - From the right hand side under Actions Manage Website
   - Select: 


The installation is now complete