How to add password or OTP protection


SigningHub employs various authentication options, in some situations users can add an additional layer of access security to their documents.

SigningHub allows users to electronically sign documents. An Electronic signature is not linked to the Signer’s real-life identity, however, SigningHub will ‘Witness’ sign the document with a timestamp to protect the integrity of the document.

During the electronic signing workflow, SigningHub will send an email with a link to the document to the Signer. To make the signing process as easy as possible, clicking on the link will open the document in SigningHub immediately without requesting the user to authenticate. These types of signing workflows are ideal for documents that do not require high trust like memos, school letters, leave applications, attendance registers, visitor forms, approvals, expense claims, etc.

To protect the confidentiality of the documents, SigningHub provides document owners with the option of adding either a password or a One-Time-Pin sent to the Signers mobile phone.


This ‘How to article’ uses an electronic signature to sign the document.

There is no requirement for the Signer to be registered on SigningHub to electronically sign a document.


To add additional access protection to your document workflow:

Add password or OTP to document workflow




Start a new workflow on SigningHub by clicking on the New Workflow button.


Start new signing workflow.



Upload the document that requires the electronic signature.


Select document to sign.



Add the signer to the workflow.

Select digital signers.



Set the permissions by clicking on the Access Security button.


Set access permissions.



Configure either a password or an OTP.


Add password or OTP protection.


Add OTP protection.



Click the Next button.


Click Next button.



Add an electronic signature block to the document.


Draw electronic signature block.



Finalize the electronic signing workflow by clicking the Share button.


Click Share button.



SigningHub will now send an email with a link to the document to the Signer. The Signer can open the document by clicking on the View Document link in the email.


Document signing notification.



SigningHub will now challenge the Signer with the password or OTP configured during the workflow creation process.


Prompt for password.



Once the Signer opens the document, SigningHub will log the fact in the SigningHub audit trail and Workflow Completion report.


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