How to create a workflow using a template


Templates are an easy way to recreate SigningHub workflows that Users use often.

For example, an insurance broker often meets prospective new clients. To retrieve the prospective new client’s financial information, the client must first sign an indemnity form.

Since the indemnity form always looks the same using a template can considerably        speed up the sign off process.


This ‘How to article’ uses an electronic signature to sign the document.

For this tutorial, the Document Owner must be registered on SigningHub.


Create a signing workflow with a template




Log into SigningHub at


Use the credentials created during the SigningHub enrolment process.


Log into SigningHub.


Start a new workflow on SigningHub by clicking on the New Workflow button.


Create document signing workflow.



Upload the document that requires the electronic signature.


Upload document.


Or, if the document is located in the Library, retrieve the document from the Library.


Import document from library.



Click on the Apply template button.


Apply template to signing workflow.


Select the template from the list.


Select template.


Click the Apply button.


Apply template.


SigningHub will now pre-populate the workflow with the signers that are configured in the template. If required, change the name of the Signer.


Select digital signers.



Click the Next button.


Click the Next button.



SigningHub will have drawn the signature block (could be electronic or digital) on the document.


Finalize the electronic signing workflow by clicking the Finish button.


Click Finish button.



SigningHub will now send an email with a link to the document to the Signer. The Signer can open the document by clicking on the View Document link in the email.


Since an electronic signature is used, the Signer will not be required to log into SigningHub. To protect access to the document, see the ‘How article’ How to add password or OTP protection.


Email notification to Signer.



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