How to perform in-person signing


In-person signing allows meeting hosts to let Users that are in their presence sign a document even though the other Users do not have SigningHub accounts.

This could be useful for an investment broker who regularly meets clients while they are away from the office. For example, an investment broker meets a prospective client at a coffee shop. The clients indicate that they want to continue and must now sign an indemnity form to allow the investment broker to continue.

In this instance the investment broker will act as a Meeting Host. The broker will load the indemnity form on SigningHub and add the required number of in-person signature boxes for the clients to sign.


  • The Meeting Host must have a SigningHub account.

  • The in-person signers do not require SigningHub accounts.


This workflow will be configured for a Meeting Host to let one or more Signers sign with in-person signing.

For ease of use, the document preparation process can be automated with the help of a template.

Perform In-Person signing




Log into SigningHub at


The credentials to log into SigningHub will have been created during the enrolment process.


Log into SigningHub.


Start a new workflow on SigningHub by clicking on the New Workflow button.


Create new signing workflow.



Upload the document that requires the in-person signature.


Select document to sign.



The Meeting Host adds themselves as a Signer to the workflow.

Select electronic signers.



Click the Next button.


Click Next button.



Add a digital signature block to the document by selecting Digital Signature from the toolbar on the right. Drag the In-Person Signature block to the document.


Draw in-person signature block.



For added security, an OTP can be added to the workflow by clicking on the Gear icon on the In-Person Signature block.


Add second factor authentication.



The Signer can now sign the document by clicking on the In-Person signature block.


If an OTP was configured, they will be required to enter the OTP now.


Click the Sign Now button to finalize the signature.


Apply In-Person signature.



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