How to use the LAWtrust Postman sample code


SigningHub allows organisations to automate their workflow through SigningHub through the use of the SigningHub REST API.

LAWtrust provides a Postman project with examples of how to accomplish various use cases in SigningHub. The examples are provided to help developers get an understanding of they can implement their own electronic and digital signing workflows in SigningHub.

The following ‘How-to’ guide will assist developers to start using the Postman project to test use cases in Postman.


  • The developer requires a SigningHub integration account.

  • The Postman sample code.

  • The Postman environment JSON file.


To start using the sample code:

  • Import the Postman LAWtrust Demo sample code.

  • Import the Postman environment JSON file.

  • Start testing the code.

The import process will be explained in greater detail below.

Import the sample code and environmental variables




Download and install Postman.


Download Postman.



Open Postman and click the Import button.


Import the sample code.


Click the Upload button.

Select the LAWtrust Demo sample code.

Click the Open button.


Select the sample code.



On the IMPORT screen click the Import button.


Start the import process.



The sample code has now been imported into Postman.

SigningHub sample code is imported.


Import the Environmental Variables, by clicking on the Manage Environments button.


Import environment variables.



On the Manage Environments screen, click the Import button.


Click the Import button.



Click the Choose File button.

Select the LAWtrust Demo.postman_environment.json file. (The name of the environment file might differ).

Click the Open button.


Select variables file to import.


From the Environments dropdown, select your environment.


Click Import button.



The sample code and the environment variables are imported and ready to use.


Postman environment is now ready.


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