How to add Signers to a workflow using a CSV file


Some electronic and digital signing workflows require a document to be signed off by multiple Signers. The Signers can be added manually, but it is a time-consuming process. A Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file will speed up the process.

The CSV file contains a list of all the Signers and their relevant details. SigningHub can quickly process the file and add the users to the signing workflow.

Bulk import of Signers is useful, for example, when a company CEO requires to send a memo to a large group of employees. Each employee must electronically sign the memo to acknowledge receipt.

CSV files can be created by exporting contacts from Outlook or other email service providers.


  • The Document Owner requires a SigningHub account.

  • The Signers do not require a SigningHub account, on the condition that they will sign with electronic signatures.

  • The CSV file must be in the correct format. (See example below)

    • The file headers must include: “Primary Email”, “First Name”, “Last Name”.

      • SigningHub supports three headers for the email field: “Primary Email”, “E-Mail Address” and “Email Address”.

    • The fields must be separated by a comma.

Please note: if Excel exports the file using a semicolon (;) as the delimiter, uploading the CSV file to SigningHub will fail. The delimiting character must be a comma (,).

Example CSV file:

Example CSV file.

Download an example file here.


This workflow will allow the Document Owner to quickly upload several Signers with the help of a CSV file.

Upload bulk Signers with CSV file




Log into SigningHub at



Log into SigningHub.


Start a new workflow on SigningHub by clicking on the New Workflow button.


Create new signing workflow.



Upload the document that requires the electronic signature.


Upload document to sign.



Click the Import CSV button.


Click upload CSV button.



Click the Upload button.


Click the Upload button.



Select the CSV file to upload and click the Open button to start the upload.


Select CSV file.



After the upload completes, a list of all the uploaded Signers is displayed.
Deselect any Signers if required.


Click the Add button.


Click the Add button.




The Signer import is complete, and the Document Owner can complete the signing workflow as per the normal workflow process.


CSV import completed.



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