How to customise your signature appearance in SigningHub


Placing a mark on a digital document to show that it has been signed is an important part of signing documents digitally.

Although the mark on the document is not considered to be the digital signature (the actual cryptography protecting the document is), the mark on the document will help readers to quickly see that the document has been signed. It will also help the document to be identified as signed if the document has to be printed out.

To improve the user experience, SigningHub allows its users to customise the look and feel of the signature that gets placed on the document during signing.


  • The signer must have a SigningHub account.

Configure signature appearance

This guide will show the user how to customise their signature appearance.

Configure signature appearance




Log into SigningHub at


The credentials to log into SigningHub will have been created during the enrolment process.


Log into SigningHub.


In the top right-hand side next to the User icon, click the Arrow Dropdown.


Select My Settings.


Select My Settings.


On the left menu, select Signatures.


Select Signatures.


Hand signatures can be drawn in one of three ways:

  • Draw signature

  • Text-based signature

  • Upload signature image.


Draw signature: For this method, the Signer will be requested to draw their signature with a mouse, stylus or even finger at the time of signing.

Draw signature.


Text-based signature: For this option SigningHub will automatically create a text-based rendition of the Signer’s name.


Text-based signature.


Upload signature image: This option will allow the Signer to upload an image of their handwritten signature.

Hand drawn signature image.


Select the appropriate option to continue.



The Signer can customize their initials in the same manner.


Customize initials.



Finally select the Signature Appearance.


There are three options:

  • Hand signature only.

  • Hand signature with details.

  • Hand signature with details and logo.


Hand signature only: For this option, only the Signer’s hand signature will be used.

Use a handwritten signature only.


Hand signature with details: The Signer’s hand signature together with some data about the signature will be placed in the signature appearance.

Use handwritten signature.


Hand signature with details and logo: The Signer’s hand signature, data about the signature and a company logo will be placed in the signature appearance.

Use signature, details and logo.



To select a company logo, click on the Browse button and select the logo.


Upload company logo.


Click the Save button to save the changes.


Save your changes.


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