Cybersecurity trends that will emerge in 2022

2022 promises to be a big year for cybersecurity and digital transformation. Digital signing is expected to play a big role in organisations' digital transformation journey. What are the other cybersecurity trends to expect?

The importance of using trusted timestamping for your business

Timestamps can protect your organisation, however, it is important to use secure timestamps. Lawtrust's Timestamp Authority provides secure timestamps that prove when a transaction happened. Furthermore, the timestamp proves that the integrity is not compromised.

What is a Coordinated Universal Time source?

What is Coordinated Universal Time ?

What is a cryptographic hash function?

Explanation of what a cryptographic hash is.

SigningHub sample code

Download Postman sample code that illustrates how to automate various SigningHub workflows programmatically.

Four things South African businesses must know about digital signatures

In our post-COVID world, digital signatures are now more important than ever. Here is four things that every South African business must know about digital signatures.

LAWtrust joins Cloud Signature Consortium

Breaking news: LAWtrust joins the Cloud Signing Consortium to advance digital signing in South Africa.

Business cybersecurity challenges that were triggered by lockdown

Press release: cybersecurity trends during the South African lockdown.