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Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates offer the highest level of assurance for Web security, providing end-users with a green address bar to emphasize trust. Entrust EV Multi-domain SSL Certificate are supported by the most complete validation processes available. Our offerings can help your organization pave the road to a better and more secure online presence.

SSL, TLS - what's the difference?

Keeping track of the latest security standards and ensuring you are secure from threats online is one thing, getting your head around the various acronyms is another. You know you need to secure your website, but what is it that makes the lock appear and the address bar turn green in website browsers… HTTPS… SSL or TLS.

Beware of ransomware cyber attack in SA

DURBAN - As European authorities reel from a mass ransomware cyber attack that also infected Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), local cyber experts say South African companies and government departments must brace themselves.

High data prices put SA at risk of cyber crime

According to cyber security expert Dr Aleksandar Valjarevic, head of professional services at LAWtrust, a leading expert on cybersecurity in Africa, the most effective way to prevent cyber attacks would be to update operating systems and ensure that company policies are in place to make employees aware of the risks which are involved.

SA cyber security experts weigh in on WannaCry

Robust ransomware WannaCry made headlines over the weekend for infecting thousands of computers worldwide. Maeson Maherry, solutions director at LAWtrust, says the attacks highlight why it is important to encrypt information in-house, before it is encrypted by malware.