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POPIA Compliance – Have you thought about your email?

POPI compliance will be mandatory from 1 July 2021. ZixMail can help organisations prevent costly data leaks by blocking certain emails from leaving the organisation.

Cybersecurity: How to gain and maintain public trust for your business

Press release for gaining and maintaining public trust for your business.

Safer Internet Day: How to stay safe online

Press release for International Safer Internet day.

Data Privacy Day: Reminder to start your POPIA compliance journey

Press release for International Data Privacy day 2021

Cloud Signature Consortium Webinar

Join the Cloud Signature Consortium webinar to find out more about the standard and its benefits.

What is Public Key Infrastructure and why your business needs it during festive season?

This press release is about the Importance of PKI.

BLACK FRIDAY: What You Need Know To Avoid Being Scammed

Black Friday press release.

How to customize your SigningHub signature appearance

SigningHub allows Signers to customize the look and feel of the signature during electronic and digital signing.