Citrix Access Gateway - How to generate a CSR

Ho to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on Citrix Access Gateway.

How do I generate a CSR on Citrix Access Gateway?

To generate the CSR, complete the following steps:

** Note these steps are based on the Access Gateway Administration Tool v4.6.1.

  1. From the Access Gateway Administration Tool, select the Access Gateway Cluster tab and then open the window for the Access Gateway.
  2. Under the Certificate Signing Request tab, supply the following information:

·        Country, State and City name.

·        Company name and Department.

·        The FQDN through which your server is accessed externally.

·        Email address.

·        A password for the private key.

·        A key length of 2048.


3. Click Generate Request.

4. Supply a file name to save your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and click Save.


5. You should see a dialog box indicating that the CSR was generated successfully.