How to Bulk Sign documents


Bulk Signing is a SigningHub feature that allows Users to sign multiple documents with minimal clicks.

Busy managers regularly have to sign off batches of documents, for example, leave applications, expense claims, reports, etc.

To speed up the process, the Bulk Signing functionality allows managers to sign all the documents with minimal clicks.


  • Only documents that are in the pending state can be Bulk Signed.

  • Documents with password or OTP access protection cannot be Bulk Signed.

  • If there are mandatory form fields assigned to the Signer, the document cannot be Bulk Signed.

  • Electronic or In-Person signature protected with OTP cannot be Bulk Signed.

If you do not see the option to Bulk Sign, request access from your Account Manager or at


Bulk Sign documents




Log into SigningHub at


Use the credentials created during the SigningHub enrolment process.


Log into SigningHub.


Go to your documents by clicking on the Documents button.


Select documents.



Select the documents in the Pending state by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the document.


Select documents for bulk signing.


The Bulk Sign dialogue will appear. Documents that require a Legal Notice, can now be accepted by clicking on the I agree to the legal notification checkbox.

Click the Next button to continue.


Agree to legal notice.


The sign preferences dialogue will now appear. Enter your password and click the Sign Now button.


Place your signature on document.



The Bulk Signing process will now start. The dialogue shows the status of each document.


Bulk sign process starts.


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