How to retrieve Workflow Evidence report


The SigningHub Workflow Evidence report provides a detailed audit trail of each action performed by users during the signing workflow.

The Workflow Evidence report is downloadable as a digitally signed PDF document. SigningHub digitally signs the report to protect the report's integrity.


Only the Owner of the document can download the Workflow Evidence report.

All Signers must have signed the document, and the document must be in the “Completed” state.

If you do not see the option to download the Workflow Evidence report, request access to the report from your Account Manager or at


Retrieve Workflow Evidence report




Log into SigningHub at


Use the credentials created during the SigningHub enrolment process.


Log into SigningHub.


Go to your documents by clicking on the Documents button.


Select documents.



Select the document by click on the checkbox to the left of the document.


Select signed document.


With the document highlighted, click the Hamburger button on the top toolbar.


Select drop down.


Select Workflow Evidence report from the dropdown list.


Select Workflow Evidence report.




The Workflow Evidence Report is downloaded.




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Third-party applications can download the Workflow Evidence report through the SigningHub API.

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