How to perform an Individual signing workflow


Individual signing workflows allows document owners to get a document signed by multiple Signers with one workflow.

The Individual Signing Workflow will, for example, allow an administrator of a school to send a letter to all parents for sign off with one workflow. For instance, the school needs to inform all parents that the school will close earlier on Friday. All parents must sign the letter to signify that they are aware of the change.

To start the workflow, the administrator loads the letter into SigningHub and select the Individual Signing Workflow. SigningHub will then automatically send an exclusive letter to each parent to collect their signature.


  • The Document Owner requires a SigningHub account.

  • The Signers do not require a SigningHub account, on the condition that they will sign with electronic signatures.


This workflow will allow the Document Owner to get a document signed by multiple users with one electronic signing workflow.

For ease of use, use a template to automate the document preparation.

Perform an Individual Workflow




Log into SigningHub at


Use the credentials created during the SigningHub enrolment process.


Log into SigningHub.


Start a new workflow on SigningHub by clicking on the New Workflow button.


Create new workflow.



Upload the document that requires the electronic signature.


Upload document for signing.



The Document Owner can now add the recipients manually or bulk import them with a CSV file.

Add signers to the workflow.



Click the Next button.


Click the Next button.



Add an electronic signature block to the document.


Each individual Signer in the workflow will be required to sign the signature block.


Draw electronic signature block.



To increase security, add an OTP to the workflow by clicking on the Gear icon on the electronic signature block.


Click on Gear button.



Start the Individual Signing Workflow by clicking the Share now button.


Click the Share button.




SigningHub’s workflow will now take over and send each Signer an email notification to let them know that they have a document to sign.



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