How to sign with an Advanced Electronic signature


SigningHub provides three types of electronic signatures:

  • Electronic signatures;

  • Standard Electronic signatures;

  • Advanced Electronic signatures.

Trust levels for e-signatures.

Electronic signatures are any mark made on an electronic document by the Signer with the intent that the mark serves as a signature. In South Africa, there are no compliance regulations that regulate electronic signatures and as such, they are considered to be low trust signatures.

Standard digital signatures issued by LAWtrust are high trust signatures that fall under the Adobe Approved Trusted List (AATL) regulations. Signers are required to pass through strong authentication before they can be issued with the Standard Digital certificate required for digital signatures.

In South Africa, Advanced Electronic signatures are a subset of digital signatures governed by the South African ECT Act. Advanced Electronic signatures carry the highest trust and are very reliable signatures. These types of signatures are good for signing sensitive documents like legal contracts. In order to be issued with an Advanced Electronic certificate, the Signer is required to pass through face-to-face identity verification.

To receive for an Advanced Electronic certificate, please contact


In order to set up an Advanced Electronic signing workflow as described below, the Signer must have been registered for an Advanced Electronic account on SigningHub.


Signing with an Advanced Electronic signature




Log into SigningHub at


Use the credentials created during the SigningHub enrolment process.


Sign into SigningHub.


Start a new workflow on SigningHub by clicking on the New Workflow button.


Create new workflow.



Upload the document that requires the Advanced Electronic signature.


Upload document.



Add the Signer to the workflow.


Add signer to workflow.



Click the Next button.


Click the Next button.



Add a digital signature block to the document by selecting Digital Signature from the toolbar on the right. Drag the digital signature block to the document.


Click the Next button.



Finalize the Advanced Digital signing workflow by clicking the Finish button.


Click the Finish button.



SigningHub will now send an email with a link to the document to the Signer. The Signer can open the document by clicking on the View Document link in the email.


Please note – The Signer will be required to log into SigningHub with their credentials that they created during the enrolment process.


Signing notification.



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