SigningHub sample code


Loose Integration

Manual document signing processes are very costly in terms of time and money. 
Organisations can work more productively by signing their documents online using SigningHub's digital signing capabilities. The solution is ideal for organisations that require legal digital signatures of the highest trust.

To further increase productivity, SigningHub exposes its functionality through a REST API. Organisations can use the API to embed digital signing directly into their applications.

To assist developers with their integration efforts, LAWtrust provides a Postman project with sample code. The sample code illustrates how to programmatically accomplish various SigningHub workflows.

Download Postman project

Download the Postman sample code.

Download the accompanying Sample code documentation.

Getting started

In order to start running the sample code provided in this document, the following is required:

  • A SigningHub Enterprise account in the LAWtrust testing environment.

  • The URL to the REST API.

  • A client ID.

  • A client secret.

  • A username and password.

  • Additional users to test with.

Please note – The WebTrust and ISO 21188 standard governs LAWtrust's environment. As such, access is only available on request.

Request access to the LAWtrust testing environment by contacting LAWtrust on or requesting access online.

About the sample code

In the provided sample code, various samples show how to automate SigningHub workflows with the help of the SigningHub API.

Examples include (but not limited too):

  • Configure an electronic signing workflow;

  • Configure an Advanced Electronic signing workflow;

  • Protect access to a document with an OTP or a password;

  • Download the Workflow Evidence Report;

  • Tight integration.

There are many other examples too and new examples will be added regularly.