Living immersed in digital transformation

Maeson Maherry discusses how e-signatures can help businesses create trust and assist with digital transformation.

How to add Signers to a workflow using a CSV file in SigningHub

This article will show SigningHub administrators and Document Owners how to import contacts into SigningHub using a CSV file.

SigningHub - add and populate form fields in a document

This example will explain how to populate fields on a form, create a date field and add additional fields to the document in an electronic signing workflow.

October is Cybersecurity awareness month

October is cybersecurity month. LAWtrust will raise awareness of the new POPI Act during October. Each week LAWtrust will discuss a different aspect of the act while providing facts and tips.

What is the difference between an electronic and a digital signature?

How does an electronic signature differ from a digital signature?

SigningHub - sign with an Advanced Electronic signature

This sample code will illustrate how to sign a document in SigningHub using an Advanced Electronic signature.

SigningHub - Individual signing

An Individual signing workflow allows the Document Owner to send a document for sign off to multiple users with only one workflow. This sample code will show developers how to programmatically configure an Individual signing workflow.

SigningHub - In-person signing

In-person allows a Meeting Host to log into SigningHub and let a Signer without a SigningHub account sign a document. In this example, a document workflow will be setup for signing by the Meeting Host and another signer.

SigningHub - Tight integration sample

Tight integration allows developers to embed SigningHub functionality directly into their own business applications. This example code will illustrate how to accomplish tight integration into a third-party application.