How to perform an Individual signing workflow on SigningHub

SigningHub can send a document to multiple Signers with one workflow. This article will show Document Owners how to configure an individual workflow for electronic or digital signing.

How to use the LAWtrust Postman sample code for SigningHub

The LAWtrust Postman sample code contains a list of SigningHub workflows to guide developers with their integration effort. This article explains how to load the SigningHub example code into Postman.

How to perform In-Person in SigningHub

SigningHub's In-Person signing functionality allows Signers that do not have SigningHub accounts to sign documents while the Document Owner is logged into the system. This article will show Document Owners how to perform in-person signatures.

How to bulk sign documents in SigningHub

Bulk signing allows busy users to sign multiple documents with the click of a button. This tutorial will show Signers how to bulk sign their documents in SigningHub.

How to view your Workflow History in SigningHub

The Workflow History report shows a list of all actions taken by the Signers during the digital signing workflow. Each item is timestamped as proof of when the action was taken. This article will show Document Owners where to view the Workflow History after the signing workflow has been completed.

How to retrieve Workflow Evidence report from SigningHub

The SigningHub Workflow Evidence Report is an audit trail of all actions taken by Signers during a digital signing workflow. The report itself is digitally signed to protect its integrity. This article will show Document Owners how to download the Workflow Evidence Report.

How to create a SigningHub template

Templates in SigningHub can greatly speed up signing workflows that are performed often, for example, claim forms.

How to create a workflow using a SigningHub template

SigningHub templates helps to create digital signing workflows quickly and easily. This tutorial will show Document Owners how to create a signing workflow from a pre-configured template on SigningHub.

How to add password or OTP protection to a document

SigningHub can protect document access with either a password or a One-Time-PIN sent to a Signer's cellphone. This article explains how to configure the document access protection.