LAWtrust partners nominated for prestigious award

LAWtrust is pleased to announce that our partners, Thales e-Security and Zix Corp, have been nominated as finalist in the SC Magazine 2018 Awards.

Secure your online presence with LAWtrust

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates offer the highest level of assurance for Web security, providing end-users with a green address bar to emphasize trust. Entrust EV Multi-domain SSL Certificate are supported by the most complete validation processes available. Our offerings can help your organization pave the road to a better and more secure online presence.

Media release: South African businesses must protect themselves from being held to ransom

Africa’s leading cyber security firm, LAWtrust, has warned that South African businesses must act to protect themselves and their customers – as the world battles a second wave of cyber attacks in the past month.

SSL, TLS - what's the difference?

Keeping track of the latest security standards and ensuring you are secure from threats online is one thing, getting your head around the various acronyms is another. You know you need to secure your website, but what is it that makes the lock appear and the address bar turn green in website browsers… HTTPS… SSL or TLS.

How to protect yourself from weeping over a 'WannaCry' attack

If you thought your family photographs were unlikely to find their way into the grubby paws of computer hackers and be held for ransom‚ you may want to reconsider.

SA cyber security experts weigh in on WannaCry

Robust ransomware WannaCry made headlines over the weekend for infecting thousands of computers worldwide. Maeson Maherry, solutions director at LAWtrust, says the attacks highlight why it is important to encrypt information in-house, before it is encrypted by malware.

Media release: Email is weak link in war against cyber criminals

Email remains any firm’s most important business tool, and 43-trillion emails are sent annually – with company employees each receiving about 100 daily. Yet it is one of the weakest links in terms of cyber security.

Don’t let ransomware make you WannaCry

The WannaCry ransomware attack underlines that encryption is an essential layer of modern online security, says LAWtrust solutions director Maeson Maherry.

Media Release: How to survive a global cyber attack

The most effective defense against the “WannaCry” global cyber attack is to update operating systems, install software updates and be on high alert for suspicious emails.