Cloud Signature Consortium Webinar

Join the Cloud Signature Consortium webinar to find out more about the standard and its benefits.

October is Cybersecurity awareness month

October is cybersecurity month. LAWtrust will raise awareness of the new POPI Act during October. Each week LAWtrust will discuss a different aspect of the act while providing facts and tips.

LAWtrust selected as one of the top 10 most trusted cyber security companies of 2020

LAWtrust was selected by Industry Wired as one of the top 10 most trusted cyber security company 2020.

The role of SigningHub and digital signatures in POPIA and GDPR compliance

If there is one global trend that is playing a significant role in the way companies have been forced to do business in the past few years, it is the enactment of privacy legislation such as GDPR, which came into effect in 2018 and applies to the data of citizens of the EU, no matter where in the world it is processed and POPIA in the South African context.

Cyber security newsletter - Brute Force Attacks

While it’s still safer to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t mean that you are safe. There are now more cyber threats than ever before.

Cyber security newsletter - C&C

The daily confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to increase, and unlike the epidemic, cyber security attacks are not a new thing. The frequency of cyber security incidents are now rapidly growing globally.

Wet signature vs. Electronic Signature vs. Digital Signature

This articles explores the differences between paper based, electronic and digital signatures.

Cyber security newsletter - Ransomware

Hackers love South Africa, because cybersecurity measures are not as robust here, and even more so now during the COVID-19 pandemic, while a lot of employees are still working from home.

The Case for Relaxing AeS Requirements

In a world that has been struck by a pandemic that will forever change the way we work, businesses across the globe have had to adapt to working digitally. Fortunately, there are many apps and platforms that enable people to do just that. One aspect of working digitally that is often overlooked is the signing of legal documents. In many business processes we need to sign off documents but in our mad scramble to digitally enable ourselves, for many companies this is something that was overlooked.