Image source: Marcus Spiske

Image source: Marcus Spiske

The SC Magazine Awards are dedicated to honouring the achievements of information security companies and individuals that have performed exceptionally well during the year.

Thales e-Security’s Vormetric solution is nominated in the category ‘Best Database Security Solution’ and Zix have been nominated in the category ‘Best Email Security Solution’.

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the South African POPI Act coming into effect this year, these nominations are especially important. Under the new GDPR regulations, organisations that has a presence in Europe or provide product or services to European citizens, have a duty to protect the data of their clients and users.

Zix and Thales’s solutions are a perfect fit for these new regulations.

The Thales Vormetric system provides various flexible options of protecting your data at rest, including data in cloud environments. The solution allows system administrators to protect data that has been identified as sensitive and carefully regulate access to the data. To further protect the data against breaches and accidental disclosure, Vormetric offers data masking and data tokenization techniques.

The Zix solution on the other hand offers sophisticated protection for your company’s emails. Their system will not only protect your emails with public key cryptography but their customisable email scanner will prevent unauthorised data from leaving the company environment by accident or on purpose.

To find out more about what Vormetric and Zix can do for you, please visit the LAWtrust website.

The SC Magazine awards will be held on April 17, 2018 in San Francisco. LAWtrust remains committed to bringing only best of breed solutions to the South African market and to working hand in hand with our partners in order to tailor solutions that meet specific needs of our clients.