6 Common threats to your e-signed documents

Ensure your e-signatures survive court scrutiny!

Have you considered whether your e-signatures can survive court scrutiny? It's unlikely you would be asking your customers, employees or partners to sign documents unless you wanted their agreement to be legally-binding in case of disputes. 

Some examples of documents which may ultimately lead to disputes later include employees e-signing company policies or customers agreeing to the terms of an online service as part of the initial application.  

When implementing e-signing for your processes it's important to consider the threat scenarios.  This eBook explores some common arguments you may need to respond to as part of proving your e-signature solution can be trusted.   This will help you to determine how adequately your e-signatures will stand up in a court of law under expert review.

We cover the following threat scenarios:

  • Threat 1: That is not my signature!
  • Threat 2: The document was changed after I signed it!
  • Threat 3: That was not the document I signed?
  • Threat 4: My signing key was used by someone else to sign!
  • Threat 5: I had revoked my Digital ID!
  • Threat 6: I didn't understand what I was doing!