Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and fraudsters are now securing their phishing sites with SSL certificates, making them appear secure and safe.  Criminals make use of free SSL and Domain Validated certificates which are genuine and issued automatically requiring very little verification.  Website visitors and organisations now more than ever, need to be aware that it is possible to secure a fake site and not all SSL certificates should be considered equal.   

LAWtrust only issue Organisation Validated (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS certificates which follow a rigorous verification process before issuance. Verification requirements which LAWtrust follow are defined by the CA Browser Forum and include a subset of processes and checks which must be met by Certificate Authorities before they are able to issue certificates.

Make sure you and your organisation are protected from internet scammers by looking out for the following warning signs. 
Don’t only look for https or the padlock

Seeing the lock in the browser is not enough these days, it shows that you are privately transmitting information, but this could be heading to a fraudster if you are visiting a fake site.  Make sure you secure your site with high assurance SSL certificates issued by reputable Certificate Authorities. 

Confirm the website identity

Trusted websites make use of EV SSL certificates, which show the companies verified business name in the web browser and signal the address bar to turn green.  Our EV SSL Certificates are issued after an extensive verification process is followed, and use the highest standard of cryptography to help ensure transactions on your site are safe.

Don’t click on links

Clicking on links can sometimes lead you to fraudsters and fake sites,  it is reccommended to bookmark or type web addresses manually in the browser’s address bar.  Pay careful attention to spelling and make sure you are on the correct page by verifying the page URL before submitting any personal information online.

Here is what EV looks like in different browsers:
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