Cloud Signature Consortium Webinar

Cloud signature consortium logo.

Digital and electronic signing are becoming more and more complex as the industry comes to grip with the demanding signature regulations across the world. To offer secure solutions, standards such as eIDAS, Webtrust, ISO 211188, the ECT Act and POPI Act dictates strict compliance rules that the solutions must adhere to. While these standards ensure very secure solutions, implementing them can cause some uncertainty for developers of digital signing solutions.

The Cloud Signing Consortium (CSC) is a group of industry and academic organizations that have started to develop a standard for cloud-based signing solutions to support digital signing applications on the web and on mobile devices.

LAWtrust’s digital signing partner, Ascertia, will host a webinar on the 20th of January (10am GMT) to discuss the impact of the CSC on the future of digital and electronic signing.

Topics they will discuss are the benefits of CSC, interoperability and how CSC has been implemented in SigningHub and other LAWtrust signing solutions.

You can register for the webinar here: