Secure your online presence with LAWtrust

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates offer the highest level of assurance for Web security, providing end-users with a green address bar to emphasize trust. Entrust EV Multi-domain SSL Certificate are supported by the most complete validation processes available. Our offerings can help your organization pave the road to a better and more secure online presence.

SSL, TLS - what's the difference?

Keeping track of the latest security standards and ensuring you are secure from threats online is one thing, getting your head around the various acronyms is another. You know you need to secure your website, but what is it that makes the lock appear and the address bar turn green in website browsers… HTTPS… SSL or TLS.

Don’t let ransomware make you WannaCry

The WannaCry ransomware attack underlines that encryption is an essential layer of modern online security, says LAWtrust solutions director Maeson Maherry.

Protecting personal identity: the heart of cyber-security

Protecting personal identity is at the heart of all internet security, says South Africa’s LAWtrust, a specialist online security provider. To find out why, and how this affects you and your business, pop by the LAWtrust stand at this year’s ITWeb Security Summit, at Vodaworld on 17 May

Let’s encrypt, but let’s do it with identification

Let’s Encrypt, a “free, automated and open certificate authority”, recently announced that it had issued more than 20 000 000 active certificates by the end of 2016. Many web professionals have embraced Let’s Encrypt technology because it is free and offers automated tools to renew the certificate every 90 days.

So what's the big deal about advanced electronic signatures?

Advanced electronic signatures were provided for in the ECT Act (2002), which defines two types of signatures – electronic, and advanced electronic.

Get your email security POPI-ready

Ensuring information security has recently become easier with the newly-forged partnership between South Africa’s LAWtrust, a specialist online security provider, and Nasdaq-listed email data protection company Zix Corporation (ZixCorp) (Nasdaq: ZIXI).

No more signing on the dotted line

Conducting business in this day and age calls for secure mutual protection. The digital certificate, also known as digital ID, not only encrypts a strong identification, thereby putting an end to phishing and other security threats, it also allows for important documentation to be digitally signed.

How to secure banking’s next evolution.

Security doesn’t need to be a grudge purchase. With the right technologies, it can reduce costs and create new business opportunities.