Living immersed in digital transformation

Maeson Maherry discusses how e-signatures can help businesses create trust and assist with digital transformation.

Black Friday - Cyber Security Survival Guide

Black Friday is upon us and we are all looking forward to spending much more money than we ever intended to snap up those amazing, once in a lifetime deals on some of our favourite websites.

How to protect yourself from weeping over a 'WannaCry' attack

If you thought your family photographs were unlikely to find their way into the grubby paws of computer hackers and be held for ransom‚ you may want to reconsider.

SA cyber security experts weigh in on WannaCry

Robust ransomware WannaCry made headlines over the weekend for infecting thousands of computers worldwide. Maeson Maherry, solutions director at LAWtrust, says the attacks highlight why it is important to encrypt information in-house, before it is encrypted by malware.

South Africa’s Smart ID card “one of the most advanced in the world”

South Africa’s new Smart ID card is one of the most advanced IDs in the world, said the solutions director of LAWtrust, Maeson Maherry.

Beware of ransomware cyber attack in SA

DURBAN - As European authorities reel from a mass ransomware cyber attack that also infected Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), local cyber experts say South African companies and government departments must brace themselves.

PoPI is not only an IT issue, it is a people issue

Legislation such as South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) will affect each and every business. It will also affect all people within a business, from the CEO to the receptionist.