The legalities of the digital signature

Digitisation and digital transformation have seen a significant organisational shift from paper-based processes and procedures. Most organisations have adopted alternative methodologies for signing documents to ensure auditable document trails while minimising the costs associated with paper-based transactions and the risks of fraud and identity theft. However, few recognise the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature – a critical difference that can have an impact on the legalities and security of any document trail

Media release: South African businesses must protect themselves from being held to ransom

Africa’s leading cyber security firm, LAWtrust, has warned that South African businesses must act to protect themselves and their customers – as the world battles a second wave of cyber attacks in the past month.

Media release: Email is weak link in war against cyber criminals

Email remains any firm’s most important business tool, and 43-trillion emails are sent annually – with company employees each receiving about 100 daily. Yet it is one of the weakest links in terms of cyber security.

Media Release: How to survive a global cyber attack

The most effective defense against the “WannaCry” global cyber attack is to update operating systems, install software updates and be on high alert for suspicious emails.

Media release: Have you checked if your security certificates are safe?

Internet security and security certificates are in the news, and not for good reasons. There has been quite a lot of noise about some of them not being as reliable as their providers claim.

Media release: Data breaches are a part of doing business, protection lies in encryption

Data has become the lifeblood of modern life as everything from room temperatures and health records to banking details and WhatsApp messages are collected and stored.

LAWtrust deepens security offering with Thales partnership ahead of information-protection act

Increasingly sophisticated threats to data security, coupled with the introduction of new legislation, is forcing companies to protect personal information and driving demand for cryptographic expertise.

Media Release: LAWtrust and ZixCorp partner to expand use of industry-leading, easy-to-use email encryption in South Africa

Zix Email Encryption secures South African customer data in email and assists compliance with Protection of Personal Information Act.