About LAWtrust

LAWtrust is Africa’s leading trust centre, security integrator and security solutions developer.

In short, what that means is we provide world-class security in the digital world – to the ultimate benefit of the human one. People are at the centre of everything we do, be it securing identity documents, protecting companies or supporting the communities around us.

Our story started in 2006, when the business was founded to provide digital trust services to government and business. Our business has grown strongly since then, and we now boast nearly 1 000 clients in government, the financial sector and other industries.

LAWtrust has become a foundational element of South African society, through the trust services we provide to government and industry. Examples include the South African national ID card security, border control biometrics, digital certificates for banking systems protecting billions of rands monthly, and digital signature solutions in banking, insurance and other industries.

The LAWtrust approach is to focus on the aspects of information security that can provide the fastest, and the greatest, advantage to a business in a disruptive but regulated environment.

We therefore focus holistically on the areas of identity, compliance and enablement, using information security to create the opportunity for less risk, better control and faster business.

We have always believed that we should play a pioneering role in our industry, and have achieved some significant firsts over the years:

  • We are the first African Certificate Authority to achieve ISO 21188 and WebTrust Certification
  • We are the first African Certificate Authority to be included in the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL)
  • We are the first Certificate Authority to be accredited for the provision of Advanced Electronic Signatures under the ECT Act
  • We are the only African Trust Centre to be contracted by the EU to extend identity and signature validation through the Future Trust project

But while the world we operate in is a digital one, we’re firmly rooted in the real world. We believe in playing a part in the society around us, and we have a specific interest in the wellbeing and education of children.

We have for many years been supporters of Children in the Wilderness, and the work that it does to create opportunities for communities around our national parks. We also fund inspiring initiatives such as Lerato day-care, which don’t have access to public funding and yet, with very few resources, manage to do so much for the community.

We look forward to continuing to play our part in transforming industries – and supporting the people who work in them – with solutions that are pragmatic, effective and offer great user experiences

Our clients

For over a decade, LAWtrust has established itself as the trusted expert and authority in digital security solutions. As South Africa’s leading security integrator, LAWtrust has nurtured business relationships with over 1 000 clients, including the country’s top four banks and insurance companies.