Dark Signing Cloud


SigningHub is the perfect digital signing platform for sending, viewing and returning signed e-documents. This web-based system is in the cloud, offering a completely secure mechanism for sending and receiving sensitive documents, with a full audit trail and proof of delivery.   

Dark Biometrics


LAWtrust offers a range of biometric solutions, utilising a variety of technologies developed specifically for identity management.

Dark Consulting And Training

Signing solutions

With LAWtrust’s cloud-based signature workflow system, you can process approval documents anywhere and at any time.

Dark Encryption


LAWtrust's powerful security solutions integrate into a variety of cryptographic devices, ensuring that we offer the strongest encryption solutions available on the market today.

Dark Pki

Public key infrastructure

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a two-key, asymmetric cryptosystem that affords different IT systems high-level information confidentiality and confidence.

Dark Encryption

Strong authentication

Absolutely secure, strong authentication is a single-step, software-based authentication process for issuing, provisioning, managing and authenticating the digital identities of users, mobile phones and computers.

Dark Digital Id

Smart ID card

Working with the South African Department of Home Affairs, LAWtrust is bringing new levels of trust and security to the South African identity management landscape by replacing traditional green ID books with Smart ID cards.

Dark Biometrics


In order to operate effectively, a business must have accountability. eDNA is LAWtrust’s complete transaction security solution, which allows you to protect both your organisation and its employees against fraud and false accusations. 

Dark Digital Signatures

Advanced electronic signatures

LAWtrust’s signature solutions allow your business to reap substantial benefits through the savings on time, courier costs, data capture errors and the potential for fraud in paper processes.

Dark Signing Plus

Bulk signing

LAWtrust uses the SigningHub Enterprise Auto File Processor (AFP) to help your business handle large quantities of documents needing digital signature approval.

Dark Device Certificates

Device certificates

LAWtrust's certificate-based security solutions allow you to transact and communicate with confidence using your mobile device. 

Dark Email Encryption

Secure email

LAWtrust Zix Email Encryption protects companies of all sizes and industries with a secure and simple solution. Our solution scales easily, so no matter if your company has 10 or 10-million employees, you will benefit from our innovative, easy-to-use solution.

Dark Ssl Certificates

SSL certificates

SSL certificates provide one of the most important components of encrypting your website data and securing online transactions. Whether you need to protect login details, file transfers, electronic payments or sensitive information in general, choosing the right SSL certificate for your business is vital. 

AE Sign Tokens

AE Sign tokens

The advanced electronic certificates, required for advanced electronic signatures, are issued on state-of-the are cryptographic USB tokens that carry FIPS 140-2 level 2 accreditation. The tokens allow users to have peace of mind that their security is protected whenever they are digitally signing documents. 

Trusted Timestamping

Secure Timestamp Authority

LAWtrust's Secure Timestamp Authority provides independent timestamps sourced from a Coordinated Universal Time source to provide irrefutable proof of the time for transactions, documents and digital signing.