Consulting and training

Trust LAWtrust to provide you with comprehensive consulting services and training to manage public key infrastructure (PKI) deployment within your organisation. 

We offer a comprehensive course that provides delegates with a complete understanding of all facets of a PKI deployment.

The course syllabus is designed so that a security professional may attend the full, five-day course for a complete understanding of business and technology elements of PKI.

Alternatively, organisations may benefit by sending some delegates only for the first three days of the course, which cover the business-related elements of a PKI project.

PKI training course structure

Day 1: Crypto 101

  • Introduction to cryptology
  • Cryptographic keys
  • Cryptography
  • Cryptanalysis

Day 2: PKI fundamentals

  • PKI fundamentals
  • PKI key management
  • PKI signature forgery

Day 3: PKI policies, practices and standards

  • PKI standards
  • PKI business and legal needs
  • PKI policies and practices
  • PKI establishment – key ceremony

Day 4: Entrust PKI

  • Types of PKI development
  • User key storage
  • PKI administration
  • PKI operations

Day 5: PKI practical applications

  • Secure email
  • Document signing
  • Form building