Cyber Security

Defensive solutions are reactive. They cannot accurately map the dynamic threat landscape of your organization.

As organisations embrace technology and look to digitisation, so too is cyber attackers. With the number of high profile security breaches and cyber-attacks growing each year, business is under enormous pressure to take proactive steps to minimize the chance of a cybersecurity breach.

Cyber security isn’t just about technology. It also involves people, information, systems, processes, culture and physical surroundings. It aims to create a secure environment where businesses can remain resilient in the event of a cyber-attack.

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LAWtrust offers the following Cyber Security services:

Vulnerability Management

Cyber threats are continuously evolving and require continuous vulnerability assessment and monitoring as new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. A secure environment today is not guaranteed for tomorrow.

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Penetration Testing

Our Penetration test aims to understand your organisations threat and vulnerability landscape, and attack vectors to empower you to take calculated risks.

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Cyber Governance

A Cyber Security Governance Program provides strategic direction for all security activities and ensures that effective risk objectives are achieved.

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Cyber Security for SMME

Small to medium enterprises need to quickly adapt, by embracing digital as a way of work. With this comes challenges, digital solutions can make a company more susceptible to a cyber-attack, by increasing the threat landscape.

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