In order to operate effectively, a business must have accountability. eDNA is LAWtrust’s complete transaction security solution, which allows you to protect both your organisation and its employees against fraud and false accusations. 

In the context of digital security, non-repudiation refers to the ability to ensure that a party to a contract or communication cannot deny the authenticity of their signature on a document, or the sending of a message that they originated.

Whenever a sensitive transaction is initiated, electronic data making up an individual’s identity is collected, analysed and stored, ensuring that only the authorised user can complete the transaction.

LAWtrust’s eDNA suite uses multi-factor authentication to apply consistent, strong security and evidence across all business applications. We take away the dependency of passwords, and give your organisation non-repudiation with much stronger and more reliable means of authentication using biometrics, smart cards and digital signatures, all within a convenient platform that’s easy to use and deploy.

How does it work?

eDNA ensures that no transaction happens without leaving a trace of electronic DNA (the equivalent to physical forensic evidence). Organisations will be able to protect, track and trace the integrity of any electronic transaction.

This is achieved using three key platforms:

  1. Fingerprint biometrics: provides unique data that can be verified against a fingerprint database. 
  2. Smart cards: the eDNA suite contains a fully integrated smartcard management system, allowing you to manage digital identities and the smartcards that store them. This includes card applet and content management, key management, warehousing, personalisation and revocation management.
  3. Digital certificates: our secure digital certificates provide a tamper-proof seal on all transactions, providing your business with integrity and assurance. 
eDNA Headcount

eDNA Headcount is LAWtrust's complete payroll integrity management system, eradicating "ghost employees" and duplicate employee records from large corporations. Our Headcount solution validates employees through a foolproof biometric identification process, eliminating fraud while helping your business save money.   

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What makes eDNA unique?

eDNA provides an independent and tamper-proof security layer across applications. This layer serves as an incorruptible, impartial witness to transactional data changes, and can be implemented to protect a wide range of mainframe and other service-oriented architecture (SOA)-type business applications.