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​eDNA Headcount

A dedicated LAWtrust team will verify who is on the payroll system in all company or government departments, against the physical staff contingent

Government departments and large organisations are often faced with the difficult task of having to validate and confirm the identity of thousands of staff members against employee records and payroll systems. In distributed environments with widespread personnel, this has been known to pose a massive challenge to audit and control.

The solution?

eDNA Headcount is LAWtrust's complete payroll integrity management system, eradicating "ghost employees" and duplicate records from large corporations. Our Headcount solution validates employees through a foolproof biometric identification process, eliminating fraud and helping your business save money.   

eDNA Headcount uses a combination of biometric technologies to apply consistent, strong evidence to reduce fraud among your organisation’s workforce through positive identification. 


How does it work?

A dedicated LAWtrust team will verify who is on the payroll system in all company or government departments, against the physical staff contingent.

We take an extract of payroll, before employees arrive at registration stations where we capture their biometrics and facial profiles, and record where they are employed in the company. We can also capture their qualifications if needed.

We then run a de-duplication program using the gathered biometric data, to ensure that the same person hasn’t registered at different departments within the same organisation.