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Secure email

Easy email encryption for everyone

LAWtrust Zix Email Encryption protects companies of all sizes and industries. Our solution scales easily, so no matter if your company has 10 or 10-million employees, you will benefit from our innovative, easy-to-use solution. To get started, you’ll need to choose a sender technology: ZixGateway or ZixMail.

LAWtrust ZixGateway

Ideal for organisations of any size 

LAWtrust ZixGateway is the industry’s most trusted solution for email encryption. Your employees simply click "send". ZixGateway does the rest.

Using proven policy filters, your emails and attachments are scanned automatically, removing extra work for your employees and eliminating your stress about sensitive data going unprotected. If your emails contain sensitive information, they are encrypted and delivered to your recipients in the most secure, easiest method possible, including our unrivalled transparent delivery. 

Email encryption in the cloud

Quick and seamless integration

Do you use a hosted email service? Are you thinking about a migration? LAWtrust Zix Email Encryption meets your hosted needs by integrating seamlessly with cloud email services. Deployed in less than a day, LAWtrust Zix Email Encryption is also designed to accommodate a hybrid solution of cloud outsourcing and on-premises email services, maintaining convenient integration and deployment no matter what email encryption solution you need.


Ideal for individuals and businesses with 10 users or less

Installed on your desktop, LAWtrust ZixMail provides end-to-end encryption to protect emails and attachments with a single click. With LAWtrust ZixMail, you enjoy automated key management and leverage the LAWtrust ZixDirectory and Best Method of Delivery to exchange secure email with anyone, anywhere on any device.

LAWtrust ZixMail integrates with your on-site or web-based email, and encrypted messages are delivered using your existing email address. Optional plug-ins are also available to you for full integration with Microsoft Outlook. 

A simple approach to data loss prevention

Focusing on email data loss

In evaluating your greatest risks, email data loss rises to the top of your concerns. By selecting a DLP solution that focuses on email, you skip the burdens of a comprehensive DLP solution to reduce costs, minimise the impact on your team and complete deployment in less than a day.


Optimal protection, minimal impact

Using proven policy filters, your emails and attachments are scanned automatically. If a policy filter is triggered, LAWtrust ZixQuarantine blocks the email from leaving your network and quarantines it for review.

The frequency of employees hitting "send" makes email data loss a top concern, but reviewing a high number of quarantined emails could become overwhelming and disruptive to your company. To minimise the impact while optimising protection, LAWtrust ZixQuarantine gives you the control to distribute review among your IT team, department managers who know their team and responsibilities best, and trusted employees who may not have realised the sensitivity of their emails.


Enhanced visibility into your email exposure

To fully understand the data loss in your email, LAWtrust ZixInsight captures data in outbound emails and highlights violations that trigger our proven policy filters, as well as your custom ones.  

Through an interactive, real-time interface, you can monitor your greatest vulnerabilities, generate reports for business executives and train your employees about the sensitivity of your company’s data. 

DLP administrative controls

A flexible experience

Do you want all the DLP details or a simple summary of your email traffic? Should your team control which emails are released, or do you want to distribute control across company managers? Do you want to dig into every email or take action with multiple messages? Our administrative controls give you as little or as much involvement as your team needs.