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Companies are often governed by approval processes – signing important documentation in order for work to proceed. But the logistics of getting numerous people to sign off on one physical document can be frustrating and time consuming, especially in large organisations.

LAWtrust’s signing solution provides your business with authenticity and trust – the cornerstone of good business practice.

With LAWtrust’s cloud-based signature workflow system, you can process approval documents anywhere and at any time. It’s easy to use, and removes the headaches of handling control forms, leave applications, project documentation, financial approvals, expense claims and so much more.

It also provides complete transparency. Most document management systems on the market today simply rely on an “approve” button to indicate document acceptance, but this provides little proof in the event of a dispute.

By applying secure digital signature technology to the workflow approval process, LAWtrust’s signing solution provides your business with authenticity and trust – the cornerstone of good business practice. 

How does it work? 

  1. The document owner uploads the file to the custom-built LAWtrust platform and identifies who needs to sign it, and in which order. Our cloud-based service comes with the added convenience of allowing you to access these documents anywhere, and use any platform or device.
  2. The workflow management system then follows the sequence of the signing order, notifying each user along the way.
  3. Once everyone on the approval list has signed and authorised the document, it is circulated for review and stored.
Smart Boardpack

LAWtrust has developed Smart Boardpack to assist company administration staff to electronically share board resolutions with members and shareholders, allowing them to sign off, approve and finalise sensitive documents in a secure and efficient way.

  • Simple, fast document approval and processing
  • Tamper-proof electronic distribution of documents

  • Saves costs associated with paper-based approvals: courier, storage, time

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In today’s rapidly developing digital environment, the paper-based approach of manually sending, printing, scanning or ink-signing physical documents has become cumbersome and expensive. LAWtrust's signing and approval solutions offer the perfect alternative.

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