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Smart Boardpack

Board resolutions and corporate documentation feature in the week-to-week operations of most organisations, big or small. And in distributed environments, getting all members of the board to sign off on previous board resolutions and meeting minutes can be challenging, especially for those who are geographically dispersed.

Each document requires multiple signatures and is typically couriered from person to person before reaching the company secretary for record-keeping.

LAWtrust has developed Smart Boardpack to assist company administration staff to electronically share board resolutions with members and shareholders, allowing them to sign off, approve and finalise sensitive documents in a secure and efficient way.

  • Simple, fast document approval and processing
  • Tamper-proof electronic distribution of documents
  • Saves costs associated with paper-based approvals: courier, storage, time
Key features
  • Trusted signatures
    Electronic signatures leverage industry standard X.509 digital certificates technology. X.509 is supported by a majority of document formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF.
  • Document validation
    Applications such as Adobe Reader can validate a digital signature and clearly display the success or failure of the validation process, providing assurance that the document has not been altered or changed in any way.
  • Customer-branded portal
    All instances of the upload portal and document distribution wizard are tailor-made and customised with your company's branding. Use our customised offering to ease resistance towards the digital adoption process, by providing your stakeholders with the trust and assurance associated with a recognised brand.
  • Confidential distribution
    All documents are distributed over an encrypted SSL session to ensure that they reach the intended recipient securely. Only members added and registered to the distribution list will receive and have access to the document. Documents are stored in a central, encrypted repository.
  • Approval tracking
    Administrative tools allow you to monitor and track where the document is in the approval queue. At any point in time, you will have access to preview who has signed the document and which authorisation is still pending.
  • Popular platforms
    The LAWtrust Smart Boardpack solution supports many of today's leading platforms. The signing process can be done on personal computers, smartphones or tablets (iOS & Android).